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The possibility of customized solutions adapted to your business

The professional world, so that it evolves, must follow the course and the evolution of the technology. Indeed, since time, the one who keeps the most recent technology always has a step ahead of its competitors. Previously, we used typewriters, now we leave little by little the physical keyboard. In this context, a new equipment is born, the connected telescope.

What AM proposes to you ?

Having received the best reviews from the public, AMA with its project Xpet Eye aims to renovate the professional world. The project involves the use of glasses connected in daily tasks. In addition, this feat has earned the company to enjoy the title of google smart glass partner. But the telescope alone does not define much. What makes this equipment unique is the possibilities it gives to its user. Once connected to a media, it can display all the content of the screen on the glasses. In addition, this innovative material incorporates the technology of assisted reality. Basically, you'll be able to view photos or videos, share files, communicate in real time, annotate images, and even embed 3D images of what you'll see.

Infinity of solutions

Having giant computing Google as a partner, AMA has been able to project off the possibilities of these glasses. Indeed, you can add or modify features as you wish. It is possible thanks to the existence of the Android system. Basically, the default features come from the manufacturers are not modifiable and most importantly, we can not integrate other applications. Xpert Eye offers a renovation by integrating Google's system. That said, whatever you can do on your smartphone, you can do it on Xpert Eye. You will no longer have problems reading any file, whether documents or multimedia. But what really interests is the ability to create an application specific to your business and integrate it into Xpert Eye. That said, Xpert Eye is the result of the technology you've been dreaming of for a long time to push the business of your company.

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