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The convention centre adapted perfectly to your needs

It is not always easy to find the best place to organize a professional convention : there are many places which are not adapted to the current needs, and the organizers often are forced to lower their sights.

Find the best place for your convention

When you organize a professional convention, firstly you have to establish a precise bill of specifications : how many attendees you expect, how long you want the convention to last, which kind of activities you foresee... That kind of information is essential to organize your convention in a serene way. It is important to find a perfectly appropriate place too. Indeed, it is totally unthinkable to welcome a thousand attendees in a small room, as organizing a convention with a few attendees in the biggest convention center of the country is useless. That is why you have to well define a framework for your convention.Once you do this, you can start to look for the best place for your event.

Discover the Swiss Tech Convention Center

Based in Lausanne, in Switzerland, the Swiss Tech Convention Center is the best place for all kind of convention : it has a modular space to adapt itself to any number of attendees, from fourty to three thousand people. You can use only one room or twenty in case of need, so you can organize a made-to-measure convention. A professional team put her skills at your service to help you organize your convention, wheher you expect for only a few attendees or whether you invite a thousand. Thanks to its perfect location, the Swiss Tech Convention Center is so easily reachable, by air or by road, only one hour from Paris and one hour and a half from London for example. It is the perfect place for your professional convention in Europe, so do not hesitate anymore !

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