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Boohoo brand clothing is sold all over the world

The Boohoo brand is becoming known to fashionistas warned used to finding small beads on the web! Like Asos, boohoo is an English clothing brand that has opened its site directly by offering online products inspired by the latest trends, at minimum prices. Clothing, accessories, shoes, the choice is vast at Boohoo!

Boohoo: a fashion brand in full swing

Born in Manchester in 2006, the Boohoo site has become in a few years one of the greatest pure player of fashion. Broken prices, trendy collections offered each week, and collaborations with celebrities such as influencer and model Jordy Woods and British singer Charlie XCX, the brand ranks among the leaders in women's ready-to-wear online sales and masculine as well as ASOS and Missguided. The brand is sold all over the world.

Based in Manchester, Boohoo produces multiple models of clothing in very small quantities, typically 300. He markets these models on the net. One third of the items in each collection, the ones that sell the fastest, are then produced on a large scale. The company can thus test inexpensively products that work well and stick to the changing tastes of its millennials target.

The fact of not having physical stores gives Boohoo a very important agility: it does not worry about the stocks of each shop. But like all fast growing companies, it is likely to grow in size. In order not to lose this flexibility, Boohoo refines its logistics: it automates, for example, its distribution center in Burnley, located about fifty kilometers from Manchester.

The British e-shopkeeper Boohoo, who sells clothing for 16/24 year olds on its website, is continuing its breakthrough. It announces between January and end of August 2018 a turnover of 395.3 million pounds sterling (429.35 million euros) up 50% compared to the first half of 2017.

Another Boohoo success factor is his mastery of social networks. The company has many influencers who post on Instagram and other Snapchat photos and videos of them wearing Boohoo clothing and accessories. In February 2017, Boohoo bought American Nasty Gal, a well-known startup in the world of fashion, for building a dedicated audience of young people who followed its collections on social networks.

Thus, the Boohoo brand strengthens its commitment to its customers by ensuring the expansion of its distribution. She seduced England and Europe, to conquer American fashionista.

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